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Legal Firms and Social Media

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Legal Firms and Social Media

Social media does not have the same influence in the purchase of legal services as it does in the products industry. This is primarily because legal services are intangible, variable, inseparable, and perishable. It is difficult for post purchasers to share information online, especially in the case of the legal field where confidentiality serves as a large liability. In terms of potential clients, the challenge lies in the ability to understand information on services and to evaluate alternatives, including the final purchase decision.

Opportunities for Social Media in Legal Services

Legal marketing will undoubtedly work at a slower pace in marketing trends but can indeed utilize the digital social experience to their advantage. In choosing to incorporate social media as part of the marketing mix, law firms can leverage web-based technology for both client retention and employee recruitment. As a two-way conversation between the firm and the client, firms can build customer engagement (which translates into long-term revenue growth) by gathering feedback, responding to concerns, and sharing educational content.

It’s no surprise that lawyers use in-person networking events to gather referrals. Therefore, can act as the virtual equivalent of such events. Law Technology News suggests that, if used properly, can be a strategic tool in seeking out new business opportunities through referrals. As with in-person meet and greets, online introductions are more effective when individuals are introduced by mutual acquaintances. However, this only works if lawyers make a deliberate point in devoting time to the resource.

Employee recruitment is another strategic use of social media. Top firms know and prepare for the loss of great attorneys due to retirement and firm switching. But they also know that eager, young law school grads are constantly seeking out employment as well. And where are young people spending their time in the job search arena? None other…than social media.

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