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International Taxation Conference in India

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international taxation conference17th International Taxation Conference to be held in Mumbai (India)

We have been invited to this 17th International Tax conference, which will be a full three-day event from 1st – 3rd December, 2011 at the ITC Maratha Hotel, Mumbai, India The conference topics this year are:

New Direct Tax Code in India – International Tax Structuring for Investing Abroad – Indirect Taxation Developments – International Tax Anti-avoidance Rules – Recent International Taxation Developments: United Nations Model Treaty & Regional Developments – Transfer Pricing: Future Trends and Arm’s Length Principles

The plenary session this year is on International Tax Anti-avoidance Rules on Day Two. We have planned a three-day programme with concurrent sessions on separate topics on Day One & Day Three. They are Day One: (a) An Update on the New Direct Tax Code in India: A Review, (b) Concurrent sessions: (i) International Structuring for Investing Abroad and (ii) Indirect Taxation Developments; Day Two: (a) International Tax Anti-avoidance Rules, and (b) International Tax Anti-Avoidance in Practice and Tax Treaties; and Day Three: Concurrent sessions: (a) International Tax Developments: (i) United Nations Model Treaty and (ii) Some Recent Global International Tax Changes, and (b) Transfer Pricing and the Arm’s Length Principle. The concluding session includes a question and answer session with the Indian Transfer Pricing Directorate and a panel discussion on Recent International Taxation Developments in India, which will be televised by Bloomberg UTV in India. In addition, there are several panel discussions and sponsored presentations on international financial centres and trusts.


New Direct Tax Code in India: A Review – A wide range of Indian tax experts with responses by members of the Direct Tax Code Task Force, Government of India (Sunil Gupta & Ashutosh Dikshit).

Indirect Taxation Developments – Satya Poddar, Head – Indirect Taxation, Ernst & Young, India; Rajeev Dimri, Head – Indirect Taxation, BMR Advisors, India; and invited experts from government and private organisations. (new addition this year)
International Tax Structuring for Investing Abroad: Gabor Szabo, Tax Lawyer, Hungary; Stephen W Bowman, Partner, Bennett Jones, Canada; Professor Veerinderjeet Singh, Managing Director, Taxand Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia; Girish Vanvari, Partner, KPMG, India plus several sponsored country sessions

International Tax Anti-avoidance Rules (Plenary Session): Professor Reuven Avi-Yonah, Michigan Law School, United States; Manuel Tron, President – International Association, The Netherlands; Philippe Martin. Supreme Court Judge, France; R V Easwar, President, Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, India

International Tax Avoidance in Practice and in Tax Treaties: Brian Cleave, former Chief Solicitor (UK Inland Revenue); Professor Stef van Weeghel, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Professor Luc De Broe, Partner, Laga, Belgium; Sanjay Kumar Mishra, Competent Authority & ,Joint Secretary, Finance Ministry, India.
International Tax Developments – United Nations Model: Michael Lennard, Chief, International Tax Cooperation and Trade Section, United Nations; Anita Kapur, Director General of Income Tax Administration, India; T P Ostwal, Partner, T P Ostwal Associates, India

Recent International Tax Developments: Professor Philippe Malherbe, Advocate, Belgium; Miguel Valdes, Partner, Valdes, Machado & Associados, Brazil; Kyung Geun Lee, Partner, Yulchon (Tax Lawyers), Korea; Nordine Bensouda, General Treasurer, Ministry of Finance, Morocco.

Transfer Pricing Trends: Caroline Silberztein, Head of Transfer Pricing Unit, OECD, Paris; Michelle Levac,Chair -OECD, Working Party 6, France,Shanto Ghosh,Senior Director and Principal Economist, Deloiite, India, Marc Levey, Partner, Baker & Mackenzie, United States.

Arm’s Length Principle – Country Experiences: Monique van Herksen, Partner, Ernst & Young, The Netherlands; Toshio Miyatake, Partner, Adachi Henderson, Miyatake & Fujita, Japan; Rashmi Saxena Sahni, Commissioner Income Tax, India. In addition there is a Q & A Session with the Transfer Pricing Directorate in India chaired by Director General of Income Tax (International).

Special sessions: We are planning up to six special presentations on international financial centres and trusts.

Discussion Sessions: Panel Session I – Are treaty overrides under anti-avoidance rules in domestic tax law justified? Panel Session II – Anti-avoidance Rules and Role of the Judiciary. Panel Session III – Recent International Taxation Developments in India. This final panel session will be presided by the Chairman, Central Board of Direct Taxes, Government of India (provisional) and televised by Bloomberg UTV In India.

In the 2011 conference, it will have over forty expert speakers and panelists from all over the world. As in prior years, our conference will include a sizeable participation from tax regulators, government bodies and the tax judiciary besides delegates from professional firms and multinational organizations in India and abroad.

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